Phoenix Consulting GmbH


The company

Phoenix Consulting GmbH is an independent, privately owned consultancy and trading firm, operating globally with a focus on Middle East and Europe. The company is a subsidiary of a traditional world-wide acting family holding, having a Middle East footprint going back to the 17th century. The European business was established in 1955 in Frankfurt/Germany.


Our offering

Phoenix is one of the leading companies in its business area, offering a unique suite of best practice services for a variety of industries in the field of



The system

Our business partners are well known European and international leading suppliers, producers, service providers and experts like architects, engineers and technical designers. In addition we have intense contacts to different technical universities.
This global network of first class strategic partners, alliances and affiliates, which we built up in 60 years of business experience allows us to connect customers from different industry sectors and cultures in a very efficient way, helping them especially with complex projects to save time and costs and conferring them thereby a decisive competitive edge.



Our consulting approach

A central aspect of our concepts is to take different mentalities, cultures, traditions and languages of our customers into account. So we avoid the common and mostly needless cross-cultural differences and misunderstandings, which are often a real obstacle for a long term, successful business.
In this way our clients profit from our long-standing and reliable relationship to top level important decision makers in politics, economy and industry in different cultural hemispheres.
Our consultancy commitment is to serve our clients and customers with concepts and strategies at the highest quality level, at reasonable costs at all times.


The team

experienced and skilled experts combining various professional experience, long term industry and economical practice with different educational and cultural backgrounds.


















Business focus Middle East


Our focus in the Middle East area are the countries located at the Gulf of Persia, Yemen and Turkey with its most attractive markets. This region half the way between the Far East, China and Europe along the historic Silk Road forms an attractive, booming market with more than 200 Mio. people. The region is characterized by outstanding growth rates differing from country to country but throughout higher than in the EU or US.


Well funded investors meet tremendous investments still lying ahead, e.g. for industrialization, infrastructure, urban development, civil engineering and construction as well as for economic development.


Phoenix is committed to confer their clients a significant competitive edge and time saving in order to meet their business targets in Middle East right on time.


Recently we began to draw our attention also to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where first projects could be successfully completed, others are still in progress.

















Company History


In the 17th century the Bayat family decided to withdraw from circles of influence in Persian politics and governing authorities. They lived in Hamadan, as they do it today, an important historic commercial center along the Silk Road in Persia and today in Iran. So it was quite obvious to enter up into trading business and thank to their excellent contacts their commercial activities were doing well. The Bayats started with basic food as rice, grain, nuts and diversified later on to other products and also widened their geographic range step by step.
The initial business activities in Europe, especially Germany reach back into the 19th century by trading cotton, spices and natural resins for the pharmaceutical industry. Around 1875 European subsidiaries were established in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Manchester and New York.


20th century

Direct after the 2nd world war the family established itself in Frankfurt, Germany diversifying its business activities to other market segments and became a big carpet dynasty. The trading of hand-made Persian carpets of highest quality helps the Bayat entrepreneurs to expand and cultivate their business contacts to the inner circle of economy, industry, finance, politics and government.
Due to this and the changes in world economies in the 1960ies the Bayat Group didn’t miss the great chance to extensively broaden their portfolio in supplying industrial equipment, technology, commodities, food and non-food goods and others.



  • Today

Today’s main business issue of the Bayat holding with its valuable global network is a wide range of general trading and international consulting, well established and connected all over the world. In 2008 the Holding’s organization was restructured to meet the challenges of globalized markets with a modern and efficient corporate strategy and Phoenix Consulting GmbH was set up as a subsidiary of the Bayat Family Group. Under the companies roof the trading and consulting activities were concentrated.








What we do



Phoenix Consulting is one of the leading, independent consultancy companies for the transfer of products, services, know how and technology between the Middle East region and Europe.
In a decades-long time of trading experience we learned how important it is, to develop a mutual understanding, respect and acceptance for the various mentalities and traditions of business partners of different cultural spheres. We understand to match the different needs of our clients arising from significant different tradition, culture and mentality. In combining a long lasting trading and business tradition with the expertise of a modern consultancy company we are able to create cross-cultural business strategies of sustainable value.

The best reputation is the success story of our own firm itself– we effectively unify a centuries long cross cultural trading and business tradition with excellent contacts to decision makers in both cultural spheres to a unique business concept.



Our business partners are Europe’s leading suppliers, manufacturers, service providers and world’s leading experts in planning, engineering, architecture and construction. In Middle East we have excellent contacts to government and administration authorities, to investors as well as to main players in different industry sectors. Due to our intense personal connection to the dominating local families we can create an atmosphere of confidence, trust and understanding. This will be the basic platform to establish a successful business. Though we are focused on Europe and Middle East we are rather active in other important economic areas of the globe like South America, Canada or the “BRIC S” states.
Our skills and competences allow us to offer our clients world-wide unique suite of concepts, solutions and implementation strategies, customized to their special needs.














Our work approach - your success



During a joint project our customers have one allocated contact person and his deputy for all assignments and upcoming questions.

Our project manager is supported by a team, who addresses all relevant topics to our local partners to avoid needless problems or barriers in advance.


We report periodically on project progress, changes or eventually upcoming problems to be solved.


We name local team members who are familiar with the local customs and conventions. Our project manager will be on site whenever it is necessary.


We know the right way!




Any questions to these or similar topics ?


How is the market for my product in Middle East?
How and where can I set up a local agency for my company?
How and where can I find the right location for my local production and how will I get the    required permissions?
How can I hire qualified and skilled personnel?
How can I find appropriate service provider, e.g. logistics, maintenance?
Authority and tax regulations, employment law?
What are the standards for safety, health and environment?


Phoenix will answer your questions and support you actively in implementing all your business targets.


Phoenix will help you to find the easiest way through the labyrinth of foreign authorities, regulations, laws and barriers but also to detect emerging opportunities.






























Business portfolio




    • raw materials
    • food
    • consumer goods
    • machinery, spare parts
    • plant and construction equipment

The System

We provide expertise and a specialized range of trading solutions for import/export, „third party deals“ and general trading, and we are ready to buy and sell your equipment and services with destination Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

We can select from a European wide portfolio of leading suppliers and due to our strong network of logistic partners we deliver „just in time“ world-wide by air, sea and land transportation. Regardless if you want to sell or buy, with us you will get:

Leading technologies at highest quality, highest reliability and best value added, best shipping rates and financial performance.










Financial services


    • long term relationship to leading         international banks
    • individual financing concepts
    • specialized range of international       payment instruments
    • Phoenix as financial investor

The concept

We offer tailor made payment and financing concepts specifically designed for projects and supplies to or from the Middle East region.
In addition to arrange financing Phoenix itself acts due to our financial capability as an investor in chosen cases.
The area of finance completes the range of our overall service concept of logistics, trading, procurement, obtaining permission and authorisation etc., so that our customers can concentrate on their core competencies.









Project management

    • feasibility study
    • planning
    • licensing
    • authorization
    • implementation
    • construction
    • hand over turn-key plants

The concept

Wherever our clients want to set up a foreign base, a business or a project, Phoenix is the person of contact who cares for all concerns. We offer a comprising local and international support and coordination of our client’s projects.

From feasibility studies via basic and detailed engineering, authorization and permission procedures through to project implementation we stand by our client’s side.
Phoenix-network knows the right contact person on the national and international level, the best experts in planning, architecture, engineering and construction and the right enterprises to set up your projects in a time saving, optimal way.











    • supplier research
    • bid evaluation
    • contract negotiation
    • transportation
    • expediting
    • quality control, claim management
    • document control, archiving

You specify - we manage to procure !

We deliver our customer‘s demand to any time to any location, regardless whether it is a one-time order or a recurring long term delivery. No matter whether it is a service, a raw material a machine or even a system of assembled machinery .

Due to many years of experience in trading business and due to our international partner network we can work across the industry sectors – we will find helpful synergies across most different industry sectors, e.g. medical technology, water resource management, transportation or petrochemicals. And our customers profit from synergies by pooling their demands.










    • storage
    • distribution
    • transportation
    • sea, land, air

Tell us the desired destination - we deliver right on time

We have the best contacts to most qualified logistic companies in different countries all over the world. Regardless if solid or liquid, if bulk cargo or technical equipment, we find the right and quickest way to deliver your goods. And it is quite natural that we comply with all freight and custom formalities. In addition we are able to offer attractive cargo terms due to freight volume pooling.












M & A


    • joint venture
    • identification of matching targets
    • company evaluation
    • due diligence
    • negotiation

Your professional and well informed partner in M & A matters

We are the right people to talk to if you want to buy or sell a company or a part of it. We give you advice to identify matching targets or prospective buyers, to evaluate companies and in finding a reasonable bid, taking strategic aspects and arising synergies into account.

And our global network will be decisively helpful to find a suitable strategic or joint venture partner for your business or business segment. Especially if a target or a potential partner is located in a different cultural hemisphere, a cautious and attentive approach is most important for a project's success.



























Who we work for


Our customers: mid sized and large enterprises , multinational corporations

What they do: manufacturer, producer, supplier, service provider


Their industry sectors:


oil, gas, refinery, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, plastics

construction and civil engineering

water resource management, desalination, irrigation, sewage treatment

traffic, infrastructure, rail based or roads, rail stations , airports

urban development

energy, power plants

service providing, healthcare

raw materials, food, consumer goods





oil, gas, refinery, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, plastics


exploration,production,drilling equipment

storage, transportation, distribution

refinery, petrochemistry

plastics, processing


construction and civil engineering

office buildings,congress halls,hotels


tunnels, canals, bridges, roads



interior construction and finish



Water resource management, desalination, irrigation, sewage treatment

water treatment, purification and supply

irrigation, drainage






traffic, infrastructure, rail based or roads, rail stations , airports





urban development





energy, power plants





service providing, healthcare





raw materials, food, consumer goods



























How we work

We are an independent, privately owned corporation with no conflict of interest. Our customized business concepts and tailored strategies are the result of a creative as well as an entrepreneurial approach, supported by a variety of statistical, technical and research tools.


Together with our clients we are always ready to meet the challenge to enter unknown territories to create sustainable values.


All our activity is based on the adherence to governing laws, business ethics, personal integrity and humanitarian rights. It is part of our corporate responsibility to comply with the highest standards of quality, safety, health and environment regulations.

Therefore we maintain an Integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Plan, in accordance with the requirements of the standards

UNE-ISO 9001:2008 Quality
UNE-ISO 9001:2008 Environment
OHSAS 18001:2007 Health and Safety Plan


to ensure

• our services meet customer’s corporate regulations and legal requirements
• an effective implementation of the Integrated Management System
• an improvement in environmental performance.
• continuous improvement of safety, hygiene and working conditions


Whatever our clients want us to do, we do it with respect, responsibility and integrity.














Who we are



Ali Bayat, Managing Director Phoenix Consulting

Dr. Walter Dirmeier, Commercial Director Phoenix Consulting

Mohammad Bayat, Mehdi Bayat, Managing Directors of international Bayat Holding



























Where we are


Our main office is located in the historic district of down town Frankfurt/Germany, only a few steps away from the famous historical sites of Paulskirche, Opera and Römer (15th century town hall)


(The map is interactive, just zoom and drag).

Phoenix Consulting GmbH,
Bleidenstrasse 1,
D-60311 Frankfurt/ Germany


How to find us :  
from central railroad station -> Taxi fare approx. 9 €
from airport ->Taxi fare approx. 30 €
by car , parking garage Hauptwache Kornmarkt 10







Phoenix Consulting GmbH
Bleidenstrasse 1
D-60311 Frankfurt Germany

Phone : +49• 69•13•38•37•90
Fax :      +49• 69•13•38•37•914
Mobile:  +49•171•69•12•117


















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